-The power of EFT revisited-

I discovered Emotional Freedom technique (EFT) in a book shop some 10 years ago,
bought the book and decided to tap away and it didnt work coz frankly ..
In retrospective I would say that I wasn’t ready and got only really turned on
 -and then FULLY – around 3 years ago
when I was being strangulated by and wept down into the stormy oceans of my underworlds.
The classical dark night with all those trials, tribulation and emotional tsunamis riding you into the grounds
from where you arise and are being put together in new shapes and forms…
So EFT kinda saved my ass many times over.
I would start having really EFT runs, YES literal Runs, focused Psychic surgery over hours,
clearing out the debris, ruthlessly cutting through and pruning myself back into innocence, trust and beauty……
I would be an absolute don’t-want-to-be-on-this -planet shipwrecked alien in the early morning hours
and by 9 am I was fine, chilled and yes..HAPPY, swinging myself on the bike and pedalling along to the Therapeutic community,
where I would spent a whole year facing many of my old social fears Heads-on.
EFT became an incredibly transformative tool
(alongside a few others of the easy-to learn, ready-to-go self applied Energy medicine techniques I won’t discuss here.)
Depending on the actual specifics of the situation and the nature of my own needs,
I would choose a single or sometimes combination of the following techniques: 
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson,
  • Trauma release (TRE) By David Berceli or
  • A method of self applied Kinesiology referencing the emotional charge in relation with different specified organs of the human body.
For reasons of keeping this Blog entry simple, I will concentrate on the Emotional Freedom Technique,
which literally everyone can learn within an hour using various books and educational YouTube videos.
But to illustrate my point:
During a 10 days Vipassana retreat last year in June 2012,
I would be using it in between 2 meditation sessions with an allocated break of often only 10 minutes.
I would literally use it like a psychic surgeon who has identified the actual energetic imbalance at any given moment and is going in now,
in order to alchemica-lise it all back into a homeostasis employing conscious choice and one or two of the aforementioned techniques.
I do believe for EFT in order to work, you gotta be ready to really wanting to reclaim sovereignty over your own internal dominion.
Meaning reclaiming conscious ownership over our ability to create, because we are creators. All of us! FULL STOP.
We have come here to create by default through our choices and Whatever we choose to focus on expands.
And that’s of course the tricky bit, as our choices are and have been mostly unconscious based on unidentified dysfunctional programs running the show of our lives from the dark unexplored back chambers hosting forgotten pain and trauma.
So In order to navigate successfully through the confusion and wilderness of the lands of our collective insanity,
we require to remember who we really are. And in order to know thyself, SHADOW WORK is absolutely crucial.
It is an absolute essential to remember who we are because we are opening us up for further abuse,
if we do not own our primary CREATOR modus operandi….
We remain in victim consciousness.
Consciousness expansion is asking us to acknowledge, not to deny the victim!
Denying the victim means to allow it to actually BE there and go through a genuine process to heal whatever it is that IS wounded
and has re-emerged to the surface to be cleared out.
All WHILE understanding that the victim is a choice by your own creator-force holding like an ocean ALL of us,
including all those victimized transient waves.

Through my own journey I have come to the conclusion that our own cruxification is a powerful initiation into Self-Mastery.

Our victimization is holding the keys, containing our highest inspiration through reverse (often extremely trauma-intensive) contrast
and therefore offering a profound opportunity for immense growth hiding in our deepest pain.

Designed to break the armored heart open into unconditional love.

Sounds dramatic, I know but this is where EFT comes in handy as a daily dosis of sanity when the going gets tough.
You can find 887653 EFT videos on YouTube, so I wont go into any instructions or background.
Do your own research whenever ready.

What I want to stress though are vital EFT breakthrough points for me
There was a time when I broke through one of my own internal catch 22.

I dropped mee big Egoic self-shaming nonsense and allowed that victim to emerge from its silent despair.

What I mean is: I allowed this despaired abandoned raging utterly terrified little child in me to express
what had never been expressed before

Full expression without any censoring and when I say no censoring…

I actually mean absolutely ZERO self censoring.

This requires a very disciplined and focused mind set that simply registers and observes with detachment
the emotional tsunamis as they coming in and rolling out.
Especially the ones which are threatening to take you out.
Liquidising your Egoic identity and turn you upside down.

And it is exactly this readiness to go right into the centre of those scary emotional tornados,

which is turning your EFT session into a make or break deal.

This whole consciously chosen ideal of “every emotion is allowed” setting,
requires fine attune-ment into the delicacy of emotional data constantly moving, transforming and changing;
these changes require instant adjustment and a refined, non judgmental listening capacity to all emerging from within you at any given new moment of your EFT session
Different (often hugely irrational) statements (as extensions of our core belief systems)
are arising from our underworlds and becoming available to our conscious mind and they need to be welcomed
rather than shamed back into repression!
They need to be spoken out aloud no matter how many objections the rational (egoic) mind may have.
Lets say old Mona believes (on an Ego level) with all her might that she doesnt need no-one and especially no man and especially not him!
And than schwups all raging programming breaks down and here the clinginess, despondency and the depressive crying starts
and THIS actual change and the descent into abandonment masked by the rage
needs to be accomodated and consciously integrated into our running EFT session.
This is what I mean by “all emotions allowed”, you have to drop in many ways all what you desire to be officially
and deal with what actually runs the show secretly!

be prepared to drop all what your Ego would love to project outwardly

and be willing to go to the most painful places, speaking the shame, speaking the pain,

speaking the most outrageous victim talk aloud

by-passing all judgment and just keep tapping and breathing,
all of this WHILE you are on a physically level go into catharsis mode and witness yourself
bursting into tears, shivering, shaking uncontrollably from a place of utter despair.
All of these emotional rollercoasters are transient visitors from a distant past,
and they can evaporate within a 30 min session,
yet RADICAL ACCEPTANCE as well as the determination to just keep tapping and breathing
while the eruptions are throwing you into places you might have avoided your entire life is an absolute prerequisite.
This is the absence of re-traumatising yourself and instead letting something be expressed
that at the time it incurred was never acknowledged, let alone welcomed, processed and released.
Certain core wounds will have layers and layers upon them, so the frustration around
“that old BS, I thought I had dealt with it all”
will  have to be consciously watched out for from a detached yet totally present  kinda parallel running witness perspective.
Those critical egoic  frustrations have to be moniotored as they can sabotage the whole clearance procedure.

Another big one is to address whats been dubbed as psychological reversal

BEFORE the actual tapping session on whatever you want to clear out is even starting.
Lets say officially (and as part of our ever present egoic mask) most people want to love who they are. Right?
The unfortunate reality though is a a vast area of who you are is pushed into shadowland,
deemed inappropriate and simply unlovable.
so unconditional Self love for most people is a far cry from their actual reality.
Now why addressing psychological reversal is vital for the success of your EFT session is simply due to the fact
that shadow (or unconscious) parts of you have a vested interest in keeping the dysfunctional programs
you wish to clear ALIVE and KICKING.
POWERLESSNESS & WORTHLESSNESS) held amongst the global population
no matter which cultural/ethnic background, class or gender.
And clearing out those deep seated programs (and their infinite variations) might bring
(so the Egoic mind’/ Painbody believes) disastrous repercussions along with it.
Repercussions such as standing in one’s unique power and dealing with the consequences
of what it actually means to make sovereign choices!
So lets say: You have issues around self love, the successful psychological reversal requires
us to address our unwillingness to let go of the self hate lingering around our system.
This means we gotta first acknowledge that this self hate is not just existing, but also our attachment to it 
and then go through a simple process of tapping a point at the side of the hand known as the Karate chop point
using the following yes paradoxical(!) statement at least 3 times:
“Even though I hate myself right now, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
I am often using additional variations on this such as:
Even though I do not deserve to love who I am, I deeply and completely love and accept who I am or
Even thoughI don’t deserve to love who i am, i deeply and completely love and accept who I am etc or
Even though i have a special block around loving who i am, i deeply and completely love and accept who I am) etc
And that is why EFT and myself have developed a magical journey with each other..
The creative alchemists teaming up to pioneer new grounds….