The amazing liver and gallbladder by Andreas Moritz

The amazing Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse
Yes and truly amazing it is…
strangely enough it’s only registering now after all these years that one of my health crazy friends has been advising me to do “that liver cleanse Mona”, its basic and a total life changer
and indeed it is:
i kind of decided to do it after listening to one of Teal Scotts videos on youTube mentioning exactly this cleanse that was designed by Andreas Moritz, a chiropractionner, who at the age of 12 apparently was so bogged down by a very painful rhymathoid athritis that he experienced pain just lifting his hand to put the spoon to his mouth. Great wounds trigger us to retrieve our greatest blessings, once we are prepared to be surrendered to their learning, so out of his wounding clearly came something that i feel potent enough to write a whole blog about, as i believe most people on this earth, especially in the western world will have stones taking up residue in their liver and gallbladder….
Anyways my primary reason was/is to move beyond a burn out feeling that was confirmed by 3 different aryuvedic doctors in India at the beginning of this year.
I have felt extremely low in energy for quite some time, yet my super Ego:) wasnt allowing me to go anywhere near “not feeling on top of the game” what ever that means….
As i am writing this blog entry i have started my 4th cleasing round 2 days ago, meaning you are supposed to cleanse (ideally once a month) until for 2 consecutive days you do NOT eliminate any more stones…
Thats right stones…proper stones which you soften up using either apple juice or malic Acid which you get in any health food shop.
Another prerequisite is an enema in order to clear out the colon especially after the flush is finished, to make sure there are no more stones left that for some reason you haven’t released. Stones which are then decomposing as pure toxicity back into your system.
I would strongly strongly strongly recommend anyone ready for the flush to really research the protocol as thoroughly as u can.\
I have found it exceptionally simple yet crucial to follow all steps on the dot and must say the effects are worth the effort.
On the 3 rd flush i found 2 quite big stones, each with the size of a 3 dimensional ball of the size of a 2 Pound coin. MASSIVE…
So many health conditions are associated with a cloagged up liver and i felt -once i had committed to it- that i would be up for a truly life altering experience.
The liver is associated with anger, and yes in my case i would say rage might be the better word…I have literally been raging against the machine, the absurdity of the system and the zombies that willingly operate it for almost my entire life…. a war that cant be won on no front lines , a war that indeed became auto-aggressive and turned against me. That I was diagnosed with Candida/ heavy metal toxcity at the highest level was just one of the ways my system was back firing due to my lack of fundamental self care…
I went through pretty much all detoxification protocols known to man, still i could literally FEEL that my system was absorbing most of the precious nutrients i ate, even when i was for well over 9 months on a raw food diet….
my liver cleanse experience will be an ongoing documentation until the very last stone is removed and I must say I felt instant effects straight after the first flush……
and in case you still doubting that these stones exist, i Have made an effort to start collecting them (as i feel very strongly of putting them on display for the public into my exhibition)
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Here is a protocol I found and followed (after reading the actual original book/pdf back to back)
How to do The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush:
– Apple Juice (enough to drink 24oz a day for 6 days in a row)/ or alternatively you can use Malic Acid – I take 2000mg on an empty stomach early in the morning
– Epsom salts
– 2 grapefuits or oranges
– Olive Oil
Note: Due to the high-sugar content of apple juice, you can instead drink Malic Acid powder mixed with water. This supplement softens the stones in the liver and gallbladder without the complications of apple juice.
Days 1-6:
– Drink 24oz apple juice for 6 days.  The malic acid in the apples soften liver & gallstones.
(No coffee, tea, soda, alcohol, sugar, animal products (this means flesh and fluids), flour, fried foods, heavy nuts, and smoking. It is also best to avoid foods that are cold or have been chilled. (Cold or chilled foods or drinks chill the liver, thereby making cleansing more difficult.)
Day 5:
– Do a colonic to clear the colon so the stones can flush out.
Day 6:
Have a very light breakfast.
2pm – light lunch
5pm – Make two separate concoctions:
1. 4 tablespoons of epsom salts + 24oz water (divided into 4 servings)
2. Juiced Grapefruit
6pm – Drink 1 serving of epsom salt water
8pm – Drink another
10pm – Mix 4oz grapefruit juice w 4oz olive oil and drink it.  Then lay down on bed with head elevated for 20 minutes.  You’ll feel the stones relaxing.  Vomit if you need to.  After 20  minutes go to sleep.
Day 7:
6am – Drink the third mixture of salts.
8am – Drink the final serving of salts.
*By 10am you should be on the toilet.

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