Mucoid Plaque Removal Protocol



Aka Restore your colon health aka encouraging THE RETURN OF YOU

This protocol is intense, very structured (aka taking some explicit time off from whatever keeps you usually busy is necessary) and designed to not just expel ancient shits ( aka mucoid plaque) from the depths of your system but also likely to bring up a lot of the corresponding old emotions),

so being prepared AND possibly knowing an emotional healing modality such as EFT or the EMOTION CODE

(the basics of both can be quite easily researched and learned online

through various free material in no time) is coming in handy!

One more thing:

You will find a lot of well meaning warnings online about this being a total money making health scam as the mucoid plaque coming out of you being apparently generated by the psyllium husk;

I personally consider this to be yet another deliberately orchestrated (and probably paid by the pharmaceutical cabal ) trolling dig at something that actually works.

However as this is no strictly medical advise, you are (as always) recommended to do your own research, follow what feels right for you!!!!!! and act on your own responsible choices❤️

I found the free PDF of the actual book here:

And used chapter 8 to write a printed out summary of 2 protocol pages, which I kept in the kitchen to keep on track..

And this is the blog that inspired me to do this cleanse in the first place:

I modified the whole protocol slightly, meaning I had 1 freshly squeezed vegetable juice

in the morning as the 8.30am as a replacement for 1 of the altogether 4 daily supplement drinks.

I also did use a different supplement approach, rather than all the tablets

I created a blended drink instead using a herbal tea base containing:

Chlorella/ Spirulina/ Barley Grass (which I had mixed up in equal proportions in 1 Container),

powdered Vitamin C, liquid Chlorophyl,

the powder from the capsules of the pancreatic enzymes and the Niacin)

I had a few more changes instead of following the protocol to the dot:

  • As mentioned a mixture of Barley Grass/ Chlorella and Spirulina instead of the Green life tablets and simply adjusted the amount roughly according to the increase in amount recommended  from day 1 to day 3 (& then staying steady till day 7)

  • Instead of vitamin C tablets, I used Amla- berry powder ( the indian version of Camu Camu)

  • I did not use the beet tablets but put fresh beetroot into the Juicer added to my vegetable juice at 8.30am

  • I did not use the wheat germ oil at all but had some sustainably farmed organic cod liver oil

  • I did renounce on the Calphonite completely

  • And had a blended drink with 1 tea spoon of Barley Miso and fresh Dulse in the late afternoon instead of taking Dulse tablets

  • I completely abandoned their enema protocol and used my own instead: so for the enemas I used a mixture of: 22 drops of MMS/ a tiny bit of Hydrogen Peroxide, some drops of clove oil and a tea base I prepared day before made from wormwood

  • Additionally I went every day for an hour into an infra red sauna, which helps with the detox and specifically the removal of the heavy metals

The actual steps for this protocol ( with my own measurements in brackets)

(1) Cleansing drink preparation (to be taken at 7am/ 10am/1pm/ 4pm and 7pm)

Part 1 CLEANSING DRINK (which you take at

The cleansing drink consists of two parts to be mixed separately and drunk in succes-sion. The two-part drink will be taken five times daily.


2 oz Apple Juice 8 oz. water 1 tablespoon clay water (I replaced the clay water with 1 tablespoon each of Betonite clay powder/Diatomaceous Earth) ( a silica based clay)

+ 1 slightly rounded teaspoon intestinal cleanser ( aka psyllium Husk)

SHAKE/ blend WELL AND DRINK QUICKLY (mixture thickens).

Part Two of the cleansing drink

10 oz. water 1 tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar 1 teaspoon raw honey


Their Formula for the supplement drink intake (to be taken each day at 8.30am/ 11.30am/ 2.30pm and  5.30pm)

Green Life 12 each time (2 tablespoons of my green mixture)

Niacin 50 mg each time

Wheat Germ Oil 1 capsule each time

Vitamin C 100 mg, 2 tablets each time (or  a heaped tablespoon of the Amla berry)

Pancreatin tablets 6 each time

Beet tablets 2 each time

Dulse tablets 1 each time


Green Life 18 each time ( 2 tablespoons of my green mixture)

 Niacin 100 mg each time

Wheat Germ Oil 1 capsule each time

Vitamin C 100 mg, 2 tablets each time

Pancreatin tablets 6 each time Beet tablets 2 each time

Dulse tablets 1 each time


Green Life 24 each time ( 3 tablespoons of my green mixture)

Niacin 150 mg up to 200 mg each time

Wheat Germ Oil 1 capsule each time

Vitamin C 100 mg, 3 tablets each time

 Pancreatin tablets 6 each time

Beet tablets 2 each time

Dulse tablets 1 each time

Along with the pill supplements, you will be taking cod liver oil,

Calphonite and a flaxseed drink, which appear in the following daily time schedule.

To prepare flaxseed drink, soak 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds in ¼ cup hot water for 8 hours (soak your first drink the night before you begin the program). Strain and discard seeds; drink only the liquid


7.00 am SKIN BRUSH

7.05 am cleansing drink (for preparation see preceding page)

8:30 am: supplements and flaxseed drink 2 tablespoons Calphonite

10:00 am: cleansing drink

11:30 am: supplements with tea or diluted juice

1:00 pm: cleansing drink

2:30 pm: supplements with tea

4:00 pm: cleansing drink

5:30 pm: supplements, flaxseed drink

7:00 pm: cleansing drink

Bedtime: immediately before retiring -2 tablespoons Calphonite, 1 tablespoon Cod Liver Oil. (Bedtime should be no later than 9:30 pm.)

As you can see, your supplements are taken 1-1/2 hours after the cleansing drinks.

The evening of your first day on the program,

you will have the first colema at7:30 pm.

Thereafter, you are to have two per day-one at 7:30 am and the other at 7:30 pm. REST ½ hour after each colema.


Add 1 pint of coffee and 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar to a little less than 5 gallons of water. (To prepare coffee, allow 2 tablespoons of coffee to 1 pint of water; bring to a rolling boil; let stand 15 minutes before using. You may want to make a 2-day supply of coffee each time).

Massage abdomen in rolling motion or use vibrator on colon, working from left side up to trans-verse colon, across abdomen left to right, down ascending colon the right side.

Evening Colema.

83 Add ½ to 1 cup of clay water to 5 gallons of water. Repeat massage or use vibrator.


for the full 7 days,other than the specified drinks during the program.

If you expe-rience a feeling of extreme hunger, you may drink herbal teas, clear vegetable or potato peeling broths or diluted fresh vegetable juices.

Plenty of liquid is essential to the success of the cleansing program.

The evening before starting the program, take 2 herbal laxative tablets.

To ensure a more thorough elimination, use a baby enema syringe to inject 1 cup olive oil into rectum and hold until morning. If necessary in the morning, use an enema to make sure the lower colon is clean.


(Instructions on 90.) Your daily regimen should begin with skin brushing, 3 to 5 minutes.


The Ultimate Tissue Cleansing System is very good at overcoming pain. Pain of all kinds from any part of the body, such as in arthritis, headaches, etc. In overcoming serious degenerative disease, it is recommended that the treatment be on-going and constantly applied for possibly one year and perhaps longer. It should be understood that this treatment cannot be considered a “cure all,” but rather is an important step for leading the body to detoxification and cleansing. Treatment must be given according to the patient’s responsiveness-watch for reactions closely. Three days may be all a patient can endure to begin with, especially with the elderly and very weak. One day may be all that can be safely administered if the patient drops in energy level severely.

Please remember that reactions can set in quickly and must be attended to at once. This is the most powerful detoxifying program I know of. Approach it with respect. We are unleashing potent healing powers that may be overwhelming to the system.


100 Days into the Manifestation of my Art Salon “Liquid Skies

Prelude: I am finishing my second “1000 days” continuous writing blocks,

2 projects that were stretching over the past 9 years with the titles of both signalling where that particular part of my journey was focused on:

  • 1000 days into clarity
  • 1000 days into unconditional self love (aka falling in love with life itself)

During the course of those past 9 years I have been placed into a sort of holding-cocoon, breaking down completely and being dismantled systematically through a dark night of the ego that unfolded progressively until I stopped fighting against the inevitable and allowed myself to actually be stripped out of all egoic falsity,  pretence and general coping mechanisms into what I would call much ore of my spirit essence.

This next “100 days” episode  is designed to push me out of the cocoon and birth me openly into what I know have come here to do.

I have outlined the 100 days as an action oriented type MANUAL with a focus on various “embodiment-essentials” and the actual main goal (my own studio Liquid Skies) so I can finally access a studio space and  prepare my own show launching me and my Message onto the world stage, being from there able to draw attention to my long terms vision.

My Long term vision (featured on my website here in the INVEST section:

  • Building the TRUST FOUNDATION “PLAYGROUND EARTH”, which then sponsors
  • SOLARIS, a communal business blueprint I designed that is rooted in CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS  and can physically reclaim empty buildings world wide for the people by the people!

I am documenting the 100 days with an actual sketchbook (to be exhibited at my actual SHOW in London projected for  2018), this blog and my re-activated Youtube channel HERE


Declaration of my own Sovereignty or how to bust the Matrix from the inside

Declaration of my Sovereignty

My declaration of intention is to serve my source

I commit to serve my highest power, fully, completely and totally

I am God, I am sovereign, I am free.

I am commanding the total revocation and update of all existing soul contracts that are rooting my existence here as Ute Hofmann/ Mona Hofmann in any form of disempowerment, material and spiritual poverty, ill health and sexual, sensual emotional, mental and spiritual misery.

I command the total replacement, the empowered update and/or the complete rewrite of all existing soul contracts in order to bring them in 100 percent alignment with my ever existing eternal divine sovereignty and in 100% alignment with the very essence of this declaration.

For this I request the help of my higher Self, the empowering assistance of the plant kingdom, the empowering assistance of my star family, the empowering assistance of the angelic kingdom, the empowering assistance of all my power animals and the whole animal kingdom, the empowering assistance of the elemental kingdom, the empowering assistance of the mineral kingdom, the empowering assistance of the fairy kingdom, the empowering assistance of the ascended masters, the empowering assistance of the Christos and Mother Arc/ Mother Earth/ Sophia energy, the empowering assistance of all my already set up committees, the empowering assistance of the Guardian families and the empowering assistance of all my guides who are vibrating in competent alignment with this declaration and who are working for the highest good of humanity and in full awareness of the Law of ONE.

I am requesting your help, so I am being empowered to effortlessly restore FULL AWARENESS of my divine Sovereignty, to effortlessly restore direct Full Blast unfiltered connection with my own Source stream, leading to full embodiment of my Higher Self and source stream to be anchored on all levels of awareness within my current body/mind vehicle here on Planet Earth NOW.

I am commanding to effortlessly restore vibrant health on all levels of my existence and to effortlessly restore total earthly empowerment towards infinite material affluence and holistic wealth, friendly Kundalini awakening and full remembrance of who I am as a soul.

This includes the wise guidance towards full gentle remembrance and total empowered integration of all currently repressed memories within my system.

I furthermore command the total instant release of any of the following from my entire system:

Any form of mind control architecture, any form of open and hidden receptors for vibrational psychotronic weaponry, any form of inorganic structure, device or implant and anything else given to me through tacit consent at any point in time, imposed on me on any level of my existence associated with the consciousness/ Body-Mind system known on this earth plane as Mona Hofmann/ Ute Hofmann/ Mona j Shivajah.

I am commanding to be nourished from God energy from the inside out and to prepare my Body/ Mind vehicle for permanent reception and absorption of life enhancing cosmic energies as well as powerfully aligned restorative Earth energies, in order to activate my divine soul blueprint. This includes the full activation of my 12 stranded multidimensional original divine DNA soul matrix, so both, my divine soul blueprint and my activated multidimensional DNA are being fully expressed in its highest form here on this Earth NOW and in this lifetime.

I am commanding vitality, creative longevity and unlimited joyful flow of life enhancing resources and energies to be fully available to me at all times, so i am powerfully expressing the ability to become a living ambassador for the Playground and built the communal empire on this Earth together with like minded people from a place of divinely empowered strengthNOW.

I am commanding that any oath, vow or contract that any part of the consciousness and body/mind vehicle known on this Earth plane as Ute Hofmann/ Mona Hofmann or Mona j Shivajah has ever made in this lifetime, or any other timeline that undermines, usurps or counteracts this declaration and the fulfilled embodiment of my eternal divine sovereignty here on earth to be instantly released from my entire system from this timeline and any other timeline.

I furthermore command the heartfelt friendly contact with the awakened members of my star family currently incarnated here on Earth

I am unity, I am free, I am God, I am sovereign

And so it is. Thank you



Happiness Transition Protocol or the recognition of FIRST WE CREATE OUR HABITS AND THEN OUR HABITS CREATE US

Yes thats right, I finally started it…It”s been in the making for well over a year, realising that

 First we create our habits


then our habits create us 

in the light of that profound insight I want to say it’s day 22 and it’s going great.

Why is it going great?

Because I have managed through intense shadow work to bring ALL aspects of me on board to support the change!

I put a fairly intense Protocol together for what I call a transition from an old long standing addiction with suffering

to falling in love with LIFE itself based on Mona happiness.

Many things listed i have done on/off for years, yet never consistently (as in Daily) and from a place of joyful rather than strict empty discipline,

a discipline that welcomes ALL of me.

If i shall trip over a practice or forget to do or simply haven’t managed to do one of them (which definitely seems to affect the video blog in particular and the NOT eating after 6pm), I really aim to go immediately into forgiveness and instead of bashing myself, I am working towards accepting and listening to the resistant part of me to extract the missing information and get it back on board:)

This is in particular relevant as I am very well aware that this change is for good (that’s why it took so long to prepare and go ahead with it).

What I mean with that is certainly not doing every single thing listed here for the rest of my life, but getting rid of habits that hurt me is no longer an option and certainly keeping up the “early rise and get up with the sun Sadhana practice”, as it is greatly stabilizing and setting me up positively for the entire day.

The  practice of gentleness and Self forgiveness is in some ways probably the biggest breakthrough of all for me,

being that bloody recovering Nazi perfectionist I used to be for most of my life….

At the end of this text I listed for some of my practices online references in case you want to delve in yourself:)…So here it comes:

Happiness Transition Protocol (to be reviewed after 100 days)

Start of my day

  • Getting up at dawn (between 4.30 and 4.45am) with the Sun
  • Prayer/ 12 d shield building technique, calling in my divine connection and activating my committees
  • Reading aloud my revocation of any contracts I may still have with the Matrix:)
  • Skin Brushing

Yoga practice


  • 31 min alternate Nostril breathing
  • 11 min Longevity kriya
  • 11 min Kirtan Kriya
  • 15 Breath of Fire
  • 15 min Dynamic right brain fire starter
  • 11min Dynamic Meditation “Conquering One’s imagined Disabilities


  • 3 rounds of Chakra toning ( 1st Chakra: LAM, 2nd Chakra: VAM, 3rd Chakra: RAM, 4th Chakra: YAM, 5th Chakra: HAM, 6th Chakra: OM, 7th Chakra: OM)
  • 5 min Om-ing only to calm the nervous system


  • Kundalini Yoga Kriya for the Instinctual Self, finishing of with
  • 11min Sat Kriya
  • Finishing with a LONG RELAXATION

Daily Life style habits:

  • One Cardio/ out of Breath activity (running, dancing, cardio class etc)
  • Enema:)
  • Lots of Sauna
  • Focus on deep relaxation through breathing into understanding that I am supported by this friendly universe indeed
  • Bring Gentleness, Radical acceptance and Joy to every moment consciously



  • Continuing with the ongoing Liver cleanse and
  • Colon Cleanse

Nutritional Healing

  • Eliminate all wheat, dairy, sugar, coffee and processed foods in general from my diet.
  • All food is fresh and hand prepared with a focus on Liquids (smoothies and Miso soup)
  • Snacking on leafy greens
  • Extensive Use of my magical herbal concoctions
  • Drink lots of water (mixed with powdered Super foods)
  • Prepare food with love for myself
  • Chew food properly and aim for no food at all after 6pm

Self Expression

  • Each day ONE Written Entry in a 1000 days of unconditional Love
  • Publish one random statement per day on Twitter and FB
  • ONE video blog daily to be published instantly
  • Practice songs daily
  • Once a week at least one singing performance
  • Do something creatively every day that relates to my project. Set aside 30 min at least.

Finishing my Day

  • 11 min Meditation “Helping you through difficult times”
  • Use Core matrix Fear removal protocol
  • Using calender to Review the day passed and to Prepare the next day
  • Call in power animals to guide me towards healing and lucid dreaming in my sleep
  • Switch off WIFI during the night
  • Use Crystal and salt to promote healing and lucid dreaming during dream state


Prayer/ Fear / Contract removal protocols

Kundalini Yoga – Meditations and Kriya

Detoxification Protocols

Sacred contract with myself

So I did it…

A sacred contract with myself.

A binding contract that is focusing me in on everything that I have come here to do in what I would maybe call part 2 of mee mission..

Moving into full embodied empowerment in order to bring the Playground into full fledged 3D here on this planet.
Part 1 of my mission 🙂 might be described as a thorough exploration of the conditions anchoring darkness on this planet and within ourselves

and clearly there is nothing left to be researched on these frontlines haha..

I have seen it all,  I have done it all in one or the other way and then in the end you become aware that it is indeed hypnotic.

The matrix that is and that addiction with the suffering so prevalent here on this Earth needs to be indeed consciously unhinged by choosing a period in which the new empowered program’s have to be anchored through deliberate new habit creations until all of this turns auto pilot…

So I used the momentum generated by da shitting out of liver/ gallbladder stones this morning (please see Liver/ Gallbladder flush post for more information) to write out this contract and to write out furthermore all old belief systems to be transcended through this experiment;

meaning i was physically writing them out on pieces of paper which I then burned in a proper little fire ceremony…

I read the contract to a few people and everyone wanted to have a copy…
So feel free to modify my version and use it for your own experiment!

And here is the actual contract:

>> I, known on this Earth plane as Mona born on the 23rd of August 1971 in Heilbronn/ Germany am making a sacred binding contract with my higher Self to frame the rest of my life on this Earth using the following guidelines:
>> – I am living my life from a perspective of unconditional Self Love, which means in practical terms that I am acting, feeling and thinking like a being that understands its innate value is coming directly from my divine origin.

It can’t be given nor taken away from any worldly transient source.

>> – I am willing to trust in spirit, surrender my Ego Self to my Higher Self and allow my soul to be the commander on all levels and in in all areas of my life.
> In order to achieve that I am using authentic joy, self loving life-enhancing discipline and radical acceptance towards all that is to guide me in all my decision making processes.
>> – I am working at all times towards full embodiment, allowing my body to become the in-spirited host of my soul and to take therefore care of my body in a way that it will raise to it’s fullest high vibrational state.
>> – I am becoming fully present, consciously reprogramming myself into empowered self actualisation

in natural service for the greater good of all of humanity, this planet and all sentient life.
> – I am committing myself fully towards my mission in bringing the Playground into full manifestation on this Earth, I am congruent with my words and action and become a living ambassador of the solutions the Playground brings to the evolution of humanity.

Signed and dated on the 23.5.2013


Ooh yeah and since full moons are such a brilliant time to let go, i wrote a letter to my old self to be burned later on this night, a letter to my old life stating my explicit gratitude towards all what it brought to me in terms of understanding and true connection as the shell around my heart broke wide open….

A goodbye letter that honours my journey and allows me to gracefully move into my new happy life

Good bye old life

Ich hab gelitten wie ein schwein.

Ich konnte, ich durfte, ich wollte irgendwann auch gar nicht mehr auf der Erde sein, ich hab alles gehasst, mich selbst eingeschlossen.

Ich hab nicht verstanden, dass ich dieses Leben selbst gewaehlt habe und die Hoelle sstaendig selbst neu geschrieben habe, ueber die (un)bewusste Wahl meiner destructiven Gedanken und Gefuehle ueber mich und die ganze welt. Ich wollte keine Verantwortung uebernehmen fuer mich, fuer mein Leben, fuer meine chronische Sucht nach mehr Leiden, weil ich auch total vergessen hatte wer ich bin, und dass ich die Schoepferin meines eigenen Lebens und demzufolge auch die Alleinige Schoepferin meines Leidens und der Abwesenheit meines Gluckes bin…

Ich hab total viele Suechte entwickelt um fuer meine Abgeschnittenheit von meinem goettlichen Selbst zu kompensieren, hab mich vor lauter angst in die totale Selbstisolation zurueckgezogen, weil ich kein soul und auch kein Selbstveryrauen hatte und soviel Ansgt meine Traeume auch wirklich zu leben, neue Wege ins Mona glueck, ins neue Mona leben auch wirklich zu gehen.

Jetzt wo ich alle puzzlesteucke habe, kann ich verstehen warum ich diesen schweren weg waehlte, warum ich dieses leben waehlte, dass wie eine brutale initiation war …

Ich kann mir jetzt endlich vergeben, weil ich auch unheimlich viel gelernt habe ueber das leben, ueber mich, ueber die Menschheit…

Aus diesem Grund habe ich ich endlich die Kraft das alte Leben loszulassen, mir aus tiefstem Herzen zu vergeben fuer die so lange gewaehlte ignoranz geenueber den goettlichen gesetzen, dem selbstgewaehlten immer wieder neugeschriebenen goettlichen Plan, als dessen schoepferin ich zu jedem zeitpunkt in der lage war das script zu steuern und neu zu schreiben….

Ich kann mein Glueck jetzt mit beiden haenden bewusst ergeifen und gestalten…

Vielen Dank fuer alles mein goettliches Selbst, mein Ego, Gott und auch allem und jedem der mich zu dem gemacht hat was ich heute bin…..


-The power of EFT revisited-

I discovered Emotional Freedom technique (EFT) in a book shop some 10 years ago,
bought the book and decided to tap away and it didnt work coz frankly ..
In retrospective I would say that I wasn’t ready and got only really turned on
 -and then FULLY – around 3 years ago
when I was being strangulated by and wept down into the stormy oceans of my underworlds.
The classical dark night with all those trials, tribulation and emotional tsunamis riding you into the grounds
from where you arise and are being put together in new shapes and forms…
So EFT kinda saved my ass many times over.
I would start having really EFT runs, YES literal Runs, focused Psychic surgery over hours,
clearing out the debris, ruthlessly cutting through and pruning myself back into innocence, trust and beauty……
I would be an absolute don’t-want-to-be-on-this -planet shipwrecked alien in the early morning hours
and by 9 am I was fine, chilled and yes..HAPPY, swinging myself on the bike and pedalling along to the Therapeutic community,
where I would spent a whole year facing many of my old social fears Heads-on.
EFT became an incredibly transformative tool
(alongside a few others of the easy-to learn, ready-to-go self applied Energy medicine techniques I won’t discuss here.)
Depending on the actual specifics of the situation and the nature of my own needs,
I would choose a single or sometimes combination of the following techniques: 
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson,
  • Trauma release (TRE) By David Berceli or
  • A method of self applied Kinesiology referencing the emotional charge in relation with different specified organs of the human body.
For reasons of keeping this Blog entry simple, I will concentrate on the Emotional Freedom Technique,
which literally everyone can learn within an hour using various books and educational YouTube videos.
But to illustrate my point:
During a 10 days Vipassana retreat last year in June 2012,
I would be using it in between 2 meditation sessions with an allocated break of often only 10 minutes.
I would literally use it like a psychic surgeon who has identified the actual energetic imbalance at any given moment and is going in now,
in order to alchemica-lise it all back into a homeostasis employing conscious choice and one or two of the aforementioned techniques.
I do believe for EFT in order to work, you gotta be ready to really wanting to reclaim sovereignty over your own internal dominion.
Meaning reclaiming conscious ownership over our ability to create, because we are creators. All of us! FULL STOP.
We have come here to create by default through our choices and Whatever we choose to focus on expands.
And that’s of course the tricky bit, as our choices are and have been mostly unconscious based on unidentified dysfunctional programs running the show of our lives from the dark unexplored back chambers hosting forgotten pain and trauma.
So In order to navigate successfully through the confusion and wilderness of the lands of our collective insanity,
we require to remember who we really are. And in order to know thyself, SHADOW WORK is absolutely crucial.
It is an absolute essential to remember who we are because we are opening us up for further abuse,
if we do not own our primary CREATOR modus operandi….
We remain in victim consciousness.
Consciousness expansion is asking us to acknowledge, not to deny the victim!
Denying the victim means to allow it to actually BE there and go through a genuine process to heal whatever it is that IS wounded
and has re-emerged to the surface to be cleared out.
All WHILE understanding that the victim is a choice by your own creator-force holding like an ocean ALL of us,
including all those victimized transient waves.

Through my own journey I have come to the conclusion that our own cruxification is a powerful initiation into Self-Mastery.

Our victimization is holding the keys, containing our highest inspiration through reverse (often extremely trauma-intensive) contrast
and therefore offering a profound opportunity for immense growth hiding in our deepest pain.

Designed to break the armored heart open into unconditional love.

Sounds dramatic, I know but this is where EFT comes in handy as a daily dosis of sanity when the going gets tough.
You can find 887653 EFT videos on YouTube, so I wont go into any instructions or background.
Do your own research whenever ready.

What I want to stress though are vital EFT breakthrough points for me
There was a time when I broke through one of my own internal catch 22.

I dropped mee big Egoic self-shaming nonsense and allowed that victim to emerge from its silent despair.

What I mean is: I allowed this despaired abandoned raging utterly terrified little child in me to express
what had never been expressed before

Full expression without any censoring and when I say no censoring…

I actually mean absolutely ZERO self censoring.

This requires a very disciplined and focused mind set that simply registers and observes with detachment
the emotional tsunamis as they coming in and rolling out.
Especially the ones which are threatening to take you out.
Liquidising your Egoic identity and turn you upside down.

And it is exactly this readiness to go right into the centre of those scary emotional tornados,

which is turning your EFT session into a make or break deal.

This whole consciously chosen ideal of “every emotion is allowed” setting,
requires fine attune-ment into the delicacy of emotional data constantly moving, transforming and changing;
these changes require instant adjustment and a refined, non judgmental listening capacity to all emerging from within you at any given new moment of your EFT session
Different (often hugely irrational) statements (as extensions of our core belief systems)
are arising from our underworlds and becoming available to our conscious mind and they need to be welcomed
rather than shamed back into repression!
They need to be spoken out aloud no matter how many objections the rational (egoic) mind may have.
Lets say old Mona believes (on an Ego level) with all her might that she doesnt need no-one and especially no man and especially not him!
And than schwups all raging programming breaks down and here the clinginess, despondency and the depressive crying starts
and THIS actual change and the descent into abandonment masked by the rage
needs to be accomodated and consciously integrated into our running EFT session.
This is what I mean by “all emotions allowed”, you have to drop in many ways all what you desire to be officially
and deal with what actually runs the show secretly!

be prepared to drop all what your Ego would love to project outwardly

and be willing to go to the most painful places, speaking the shame, speaking the pain,

speaking the most outrageous victim talk aloud

by-passing all judgment and just keep tapping and breathing,
all of this WHILE you are on a physically level go into catharsis mode and witness yourself
bursting into tears, shivering, shaking uncontrollably from a place of utter despair.
All of these emotional rollercoasters are transient visitors from a distant past,
and they can evaporate within a 30 min session,
yet RADICAL ACCEPTANCE as well as the determination to just keep tapping and breathing
while the eruptions are throwing you into places you might have avoided your entire life is an absolute prerequisite.
This is the absence of re-traumatising yourself and instead letting something be expressed
that at the time it incurred was never acknowledged, let alone welcomed, processed and released.
Certain core wounds will have layers and layers upon them, so the frustration around
“that old BS, I thought I had dealt with it all”
will  have to be consciously watched out for from a detached yet totally present  kinda parallel running witness perspective.
Those critical egoic  frustrations have to be moniotored as they can sabotage the whole clearance procedure.

Another big one is to address whats been dubbed as psychological reversal

BEFORE the actual tapping session on whatever you want to clear out is even starting.
Lets say officially (and as part of our ever present egoic mask) most people want to love who they are. Right?
The unfortunate reality though is a a vast area of who you are is pushed into shadowland,
deemed inappropriate and simply unlovable.
so unconditional Self love for most people is a far cry from their actual reality.
Now why addressing psychological reversal is vital for the success of your EFT session is simply due to the fact
that shadow (or unconscious) parts of you have a vested interest in keeping the dysfunctional programs
you wish to clear ALIVE and KICKING.
POWERLESSNESS & WORTHLESSNESS) held amongst the global population
no matter which cultural/ethnic background, class or gender.
And clearing out those deep seated programs (and their infinite variations) might bring
(so the Egoic mind’/ Painbody believes) disastrous repercussions along with it.
Repercussions such as standing in one’s unique power and dealing with the consequences
of what it actually means to make sovereign choices!
So lets say: You have issues around self love, the successful psychological reversal requires
us to address our unwillingness to let go of the self hate lingering around our system.
This means we gotta first acknowledge that this self hate is not just existing, but also our attachment to it 
and then go through a simple process of tapping a point at the side of the hand known as the Karate chop point
using the following yes paradoxical(!) statement at least 3 times:
“Even though I hate myself right now, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
I am often using additional variations on this such as:
Even though I do not deserve to love who I am, I deeply and completely love and accept who I am or
Even thoughI don’t deserve to love who i am, i deeply and completely love and accept who I am etc or
Even though i have a special block around loving who i am, i deeply and completely love and accept who I am) etc
And that is why EFT and myself have developed a magical journey with each other..
The creative alchemists teaming up to pioneer new grounds….

The amazing liver and gallbladder by Andreas Moritz

The amazing Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse
Yes and truly amazing it is…
strangely enough it’s only registering now after all these years that one of my health crazy friends has been advising me to do “that liver cleanse Mona”, its basic and a total life changer
and indeed it is:
i kind of decided to do it after listening to one of Teal Scotts videos on youTube mentioning exactly this cleanse that was designed by Andreas Moritz, a chiropractionner, who at the age of 12 apparently was so bogged down by a very painful rhymathoid athritis that he experienced pain just lifting his hand to put the spoon to his mouth. Great wounds trigger us to retrieve our greatest blessings, once we are prepared to be surrendered to their learning, so out of his wounding clearly came something that i feel potent enough to write a whole blog about, as i believe most people on this earth, especially in the western world will have stones taking up residue in their liver and gallbladder….
Anyways my primary reason was/is to move beyond a burn out feeling that was confirmed by 3 different aryuvedic doctors in India at the beginning of this year.
I have felt extremely low in energy for quite some time, yet my super Ego:) wasnt allowing me to go anywhere near “not feeling on top of the game” what ever that means….
As i am writing this blog entry i have started my 4th cleasing round 2 days ago, meaning you are supposed to cleanse (ideally once a month) until for 2 consecutive days you do NOT eliminate any more stones…
Thats right stones…proper stones which you soften up using either apple juice or malic Acid which you get in any health food shop.
Another prerequisite is an enema in order to clear out the colon especially after the flush is finished, to make sure there are no more stones left that for some reason you haven’t released. Stones which are then decomposing as pure toxicity back into your system.
I would strongly strongly strongly recommend anyone ready for the flush to really research the protocol as thoroughly as u can.\
I have found it exceptionally simple yet crucial to follow all steps on the dot and must say the effects are worth the effort.
On the 3 rd flush i found 2 quite big stones, each with the size of a 3 dimensional ball of the size of a 2 Pound coin. MASSIVE…
So many health conditions are associated with a cloagged up liver and i felt -once i had committed to it- that i would be up for a truly life altering experience.
The liver is associated with anger, and yes in my case i would say rage might be the better word…I have literally been raging against the machine, the absurdity of the system and the zombies that willingly operate it for almost my entire life…. a war that cant be won on no front lines , a war that indeed became auto-aggressive and turned against me. That I was diagnosed with Candida/ heavy metal toxcity at the highest level was just one of the ways my system was back firing due to my lack of fundamental self care…
I went through pretty much all detoxification protocols known to man, still i could literally FEEL that my system was absorbing most of the precious nutrients i ate, even when i was for well over 9 months on a raw food diet….
my liver cleanse experience will be an ongoing documentation until the very last stone is removed and I must say I felt instant effects straight after the first flush……
and in case you still doubting that these stones exist, i Have made an effort to start collecting them (as i feel very strongly of putting them on display for the public into my exhibition)
Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 5.33.56 PM Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 5.34.06 PM
Here is a protocol I found and followed (after reading the actual original book/pdf back to back)
How to do The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush:
– Apple Juice (enough to drink 24oz a day for 6 days in a row)/ or alternatively you can use Malic Acid – I take 2000mg on an empty stomach early in the morning
– Epsom salts
– 2 grapefuits or oranges
– Olive Oil
Note: Due to the high-sugar content of apple juice, you can instead drink Malic Acid powder mixed with water. This supplement softens the stones in the liver and gallbladder without the complications of apple juice.
Days 1-6:
– Drink 24oz apple juice for 6 days.  The malic acid in the apples soften liver & gallstones.
(No coffee, tea, soda, alcohol, sugar, animal products (this means flesh and fluids), flour, fried foods, heavy nuts, and smoking. It is also best to avoid foods that are cold or have been chilled. (Cold or chilled foods or drinks chill the liver, thereby making cleansing more difficult.)
Day 5:
– Do a colonic to clear the colon so the stones can flush out.
Day 6:
Have a very light breakfast.
2pm – light lunch
5pm – Make two separate concoctions:
1. 4 tablespoons of epsom salts + 24oz water (divided into 4 servings)
2. Juiced Grapefruit
6pm – Drink 1 serving of epsom salt water
8pm – Drink another
10pm – Mix 4oz grapefruit juice w 4oz olive oil and drink it.  Then lay down on bed with head elevated for 20 minutes.  You’ll feel the stones relaxing.  Vomit if you need to.  After 20  minutes go to sleep.
Day 7:
6am – Drink the third mixture of salts.
8am – Drink the final serving of salts.
*By 10am you should be on the toilet.

– See more at: